IDLE (Incentivizing Drivers to Lessen Emissions)

Changing human behavior is hard, but, when successful, it can be the most cost-effective way of reducing waste. That’s why Signol "nudges" employees to help them make better decisions, such as turning off engines when vehicles are not in use.

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"Everyone here cares about the environment" - operator

Signol is a low cost alternative to expensive software and training programs

Signol is a software platform that uses behavioral interventions to "nudge" vehicle drivers and plant operators into making fuel-efficient decisions.

We transform drivers’ operational data into personalized performance feedback and targets, which we deliver via multiple communication channels, from mobile devices to postal letters. Signol’s tailored motivation and incentives improve operators' fuel efficiency and reduce resource consumption.

Create happier captains and staff
Improve productivity
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Deliver significant fuel cost savings

For Employees & Managers

Signol is a two-part solution, with one part facing employees and one facing management. Employees can track their behavioral targets and earn charitable donations upon reaching those targets. Each performance report includes personalized insights on behaviors such as idling, speeding, and harsh braking.

Managers can investigate company-wide data and improve management processes based on our evidence. The management platform is optimized to pinpoint new behavioral issues and to facilitate smooth communication while adhering to union standards on privacy and security.

Signol can target and improve a range of behaviours, including engine idling, steady speed, excessive speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration.

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Beyond Fuel

Carbon reduction

Only 2.2% of the world’s vehicles are electric. This percentage is on the way up, but diesel and petrol will comprise a major source of urban pollution for at least the next 10 years. In the U.K. alone, more than 99% of heavy goods vehicles use diesel, which is a significant contributor to nitric oxide emissions in cities.

Attempts to electrify HGVs have been suboptimal and may continue to be so for years to come. However, Signol's technology can substantially reduce emissions from all diesel vehicles, beginning today.

Employee Wellness

Part of Signol's unique value proposition is its impact on employee wellbeing. Employees subscribed to the Signol service will receive personalized feedback on their performance, as well as the opportunity to earn charitable donations when they meet their targets, which can increase job satisfaction.