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Saving Virgin Atlantic $6.1m
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Nudging employees to be more efficient, one decision at a time

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For Employees.

We put independent operators in charge of their data to help them understand their behavioral patterns and save fuel, time, or effort.


For Managers.

Our system describes employee patterns for managers to identify issues with craft, routes, and schedules before they become problems.


For Business.

Our platform allows businesses to understand where waste comes from and how it can be managed without expensive hardware and further training.

Understanding the data which reveals human decision making

We're building on cutting-edge behavioral science with a proprietary platform. Signol targets the right people with the right information at the right time.


Innovation led by pioneering research

Signol increases efficiency by directly influencing employees’ measured behaviors.


Guided by world-renowned academics

Signol’s founders have more than 50 years of combined experience using behavioral science to help solve some of the world’s toughest social problems.


Proven to make savings

Signol is based on research that saved an airline $6.1 million in just 8 months – and had the lowest cost of cutting CO2 emissions ever measured.

Saving Virgin Atlantic Airlines $6.1 million

In 2014, the team behind Signol partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airways and conducted the first ever randomized field experiment in aviation.

We studied 335 airline captains across 40,000 unique flights to discover how changing captain behavior could improve fuel usage.

Using behavioral science, we coached captains to better fuel saving behaviors with big results. In just eight months, we produced the lowest ever measured carbon abatement cost in history.

Our first eight month study yielded:

  • $6.1m
    Of fuel savings
  • 54m lbs
    In CO2 savings
  • +15%
    Job satisfaction

We're in good company

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Businesses can plug into our proprietary system

First, we collaborate to determine company objectives...

Signol's unique algorithms use your operational data to determine which employee behaviors carry the most value. Operational data could be related to energy and fuel consumption, time and location, or even financial information. We can be flexible to suit your requirements.

...Then calibrate our process through research and meta analytics

Once we’ve confirmed the data and a method of frequent transfer with you, we customize the Signol platform and messages to suit your organization's branding and preferences.

Now, businesses can plug right into our process and get started.

Using our world-class behavioural change expertise, we proactively send your employees feedback. Within 6 months, we will provide you a report demonstrating our precise impact on your employees’ performance.

Signol is adaptable.

We can revolutionize management feedback and increase employee productivity across industry.

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