Positive communication for behavior change

Saving Virgin Atlantic Airways $6.1m

We cut emissions by nudging operators to reduce waste one decision at a time.

With no additional hardware or disruption,
Signol can help you rapidly reduce your carbon intensity.

Our first eight month study yielded:

54m lbs
In CO2 Savings
Of fuel savings
Job satisfaction

Nudging employees to be more efficient, one decision at a time

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For Skilled Operators.

We put independent operators in charge of their data to help them understand their behavioral patterns and save fuel, time, or effort.


For Managers.

Our system describes employee patterns for managers to identify issues with fleet, routes, and schedules before they become problems.


For Business.

Our platform allows businesses to understand where waste comes from and how it can be managed without expensive hardware and further training.

Behavioral science,
behind every feature

Personalized, SMART* data-driven targets
Multiple channels of communication
Rewarding, salient visual design and language
Branding to enhance buy-in
Proactive messages at regular intervals

Optimizing content, timing, and type of feedback for segments

Signol is adaptable.

We can revolutionize management feedback and increase employee productivity across industry.


We open up positive channels of communication that work with real data but don’t cause friction.

On Conversion

"There’s the 10% at the bottom who don’t care much either way, and the 10% at the top that are always performing, it’s the 80% in the middle I want to convert"

Fuel Manager
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On Carbon Saving

"Very upbeat approach to fuel/carbon saving"

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On Nudging

“We use statistical fuel, and people…don’t like being told what to do, they don’t want people to beat them up, so nudging people is the only answer."

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On Decision Making

“As a company, we look at all the data, as a pilot, you don’t see much of it. You’re very independent to make your own decision based on fuel and performance.”

First Officer
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On Rewards

“If you want to promote a positive behavior, you need to promote positive messages."

Aviation Engineer

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