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Meet the team

Changing behaviour matters

Signol was founded with the idea that small changes stack up to make a big difference.

Our purpose

We’re here to positively engage professionals to act on their individual opportunities to make a measurable environmental and social impact.

Our mission

We’re passionate about empowering each individual to make their personal contribution in their daily work to achieving the company’s key ESG goals.

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team includes individuals with wide ranging expertise: from PhD behavioural scientists to leaders at multinational corporations and technology entrepreneurs.
Michael Fanning
Gavin Laidlaw
Chief Commercial Officer
Divya Sukumar
Chief Experience Officer
Jay Ramsay
Chief Product Officer
Drummond Gilbert_CMO_Signol
Drummond Gilbert
Chief Marketing Officer

Our team

Harriet Hunnisett-Johnson
Head of Maritime
Drew Selley
Maritime Product Manager
Hein Htet Kyaw (Maritime Implementation Manager)
Hein Htet Kyaw
Maritime Implementation Manager
Global Key Account Manager at Signol
Michael Linn
Global Key Account Manager
Phil Tanthatsawat
Head of Aviation
Jamie Hooper
Aviation Product Manager
Chris Mason
Customer Success Manager
Evie Gerontis
Operations Manager and Board Secretary
Vanessa Munteanu
Senior Marketing Manager
Geronimo Perez Salas
VP of Engineering
Julian Vidal Catuc
Full Stack Developer
Richard Burns
Front End Developer
Chris Marsden
Data Lead
Ben Coole
Senior Data Analyst
Clare Twomey
UX/UI Designer
Sylvie Lu
UX/UI Designer & Researcher
David Conneely
Data Scientist
Annie Haswell
Behavioural Scientist
Shameen Azeez
Full-stack Software Developer

Board members

Bob Gershen
Chairman of the Signol Board
Arcady Sosinov
Founder and CEO at FreeWire Technologies
Niklas Koerner
Board Member, Investment Manager at Innoport
Théodore Mollinger
Board Member, Managing Partner at East Alpha
Axel de Mégille
Board Member, Head of Ventures at Stolt Ventures

We are always on the lookout for great new talent at Signol. Find out more about working with us.