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Is there an integrated feedback system for pilots in the app?

Yes, users can anonymously feedback to managers via a dashboard, send feedback directly to Signol for analysis, and use the available plugin tools to send feedback or screenshots to Signol support.

Data and compliance

What data do you require and how is it processed?

We need to understand the specific points on a flight (aviation) or voyage (maritime) where the operator has a large influence on the fuel burn. To do that we will request access to granular data about fuel usage and technical configurations from the Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) system, as well as voyage/flight planning. We can share a data request template for a deeper understanding. The Signol backend is quite flexible and can process different types of data, e.g. even telematic data from construction vehicles.

How is data stored?

Data is encrypted in motion and at rest and stored in physically separated AWS cloud storage, complying with full GDPR protocols.

Which systems and interfaces do you work with?

The Signol data pipeline has been built to be flexible around how the data from your systems gets to Signol in an efficient and secure way. Data can be pushed to us via SFTP, Restful API, and manual uploads. We are also able to connect to an external system API endpoint where available.

What is your relationship with pilot unions?

We prioritise data and performance protection, offer motivational nudges that respect pilots’ authority, provide opportunities for captains' feedback, and only offer feedback post-flight. We've worked successfully with organisations such as Virgin Atlantic and BALPA, and addressed concerns outlined by IFALPA.


How far can we apply changes to the debriefing process ourselves?

Signol's dedicated client success team maintains regular communication and is open to considering any reasonable change requests.

What does the operational concept look like once the application is up and running?

Signol is a web-based app and doesn't require server or interface maintenance. We collaborate with various teams during procurement and provide ongoing support in data and IT, communications, onboarding and training, HR, and fuel management.

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