STEAM (Sustainability Through Efficient Actions in Maritime)

Regulators around the world are pushing the shipping industry to reduce its emissions as rapidly as possible.

You might think this means investing in costly hardware, but Signol is here to address emissions without a burdensome upfront investment. Signol uses insights from behavioral science to "nudge" employees towards more efficient behavior, which can simultaneously lower emissions and operating costs.

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"Fuel amounts to 40-50% of our operating expenses" - maritime executive

Signol is a low cost alternative to expensive software and training programs

Signol's work began in aviation, where our trial with Virgin Atlantic saved over $6 million in fuel costs and 24,000 tonnes of CO2 in just eight months. This was the most cost-effective way of reducing carbon emissions to date.

We're now moving into maritime and plan on having a similar opperational and environmental impact. While aviation and shipping are distinct industries, the core idea of targeting operational efficiencies to reduce fuel usage is equally applicable.

Create happier captains and staff
Improve productivity
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Deliver significant fuel cost savings

For Employees & Managers

Signol is a two-part solution. One part offers employees the ability to track their performance and earn charitable donations by reaching personalized targets. Performance reports include tailored insights which nudge employees to work more efficiently.

The other part offers managers the means to investigate company-wide trends and alter management processes based on our insights. Managers are able to spot areas for improvement and identify strategies for addressing potential problems.

Signol can target and improve a range of behaviors, including trim and draft optimization, speed optimization, port turnaround time, autopilot improvement, and route optimization.

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Beyond Fuel

Carbon reduction

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping industry is an urgent challenge for businesses, policymakers, and researchers.

Until the maritime sector effectively implements abatement options, society will continue to bear the environmental costs of shipping, including air, water (oil), and noise pollution, as well as damage to flora and fauna, all of which pose significant risks to human health and the global economy.

Employee Wellness

We see our product not as a performance monitoring tool but as an aid for nudging and empowering employees to make better decisions.

Our incentives are designed to match employee personas, ways of working, organizational culture, and relationships between shipowners and charterers, and to improve the wellbeing of on-ship crew and shore-based staff.