Four Links to Make You Think: April 26th - 30th

Google Maps is incorporating ways for you to drive to pollute less, conversations in the cockpit, drastic cuts in carbon emissions in the UK and aviation's post Covid-19 evolution for the week of April 26th through April 30th.

At Signol, we’re constantly looking at products, initiatives, and news that inspire and move us to keep striving to be the best company we possibly can be. We used to get some of that information from meeting new customers, peers at Founders Factory, and networking - but since Covid-19, we’re primarily sharing internally.

To keep up the spirit of sharing findings we’re passionate about, we’ve decided to run a series called Four Links To Make You Think weekly through the summer. Feel free to respond with your own findings, comments, or share away! We’re looking forward to seeing all of your thoughts and debate - just like we do internally.

Four Links to Make You Think: April 26th - 30th

Google Maps is incorporating ways for you to drive to pollute less!

“The improvements include live information about air quality for drivers, as well as greener routes based on traffic. The new model is built to optimize lower fuel consumption, using insights from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab.”

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What happens when there is disagreement in the cockpit?

In approximately 70% of airline accidents studied, at least one flight crew member knew there was a problem but could not find a way to effectively convince other pilots to consider the information. How can one overcome obstinacy positively?

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UK on course to cut carbon emissions drastically in the next 15 years

“Radical new climate change commitments will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, the UK government has announced. Hitting the targets would require more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable electricity, and, for many, cutting down on meat and dairy. For the first time, climate law will be extended to cover international aviation and shipping.”

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When aviation rises again, how will it be different?

Airlines are changing dramatically under the pressure of Covid-19 restrictions, and it’s difficult to say just how much damage has actually been done long term. McKinsey predicts a pathway to recovery through leisure travel, government regulations, revisiting marginal gains through operational changes, and rising prices.

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About Signol

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioral economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions. Signol provides personalized feedback through multiple communication channels, as well as data analysis for managers. In aviation, Signol aims to use behavioral "nudges" and incentives to reduce pollution and fuel waste and cut operating costs.

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