Four Links to Make You Think August 8th - 13th

Using data science to close real world deals, better charts for quant data, revisiting the HERO formula for resilient sales teams, and turning to AI for smarter fundraising for non-profits.

Opendoor on using data science to close real estate deals

In a conversation with VentureBeat, Opendoor’s Sam Stone described why the company built the Opendoor Valuation Model and how data science fits in to the real estate industry. With the company’s plans to expand from 30 markets to 42 markets by the end of the year, and to add new types and price points of homes, data science is expected to remain a core part of the company’s strategy, according to Stone.

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Better Charts for Analytics & Quantitative UX Data

Spreadsheet defaults don't generate the most meaningful visualizations of UX data. Modify charts to enhance Context, Clutter (less of it than spreadsheet software likes!), and Contrast.

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The HERO formula: Increase sales performance by boosting psychological capital

Sales is a complex, dynamic, and sometimes a frustrating environment. Employees regularly must think on their feet to deal with various obstacles and rejections. Constant setbacks and stress can lead to work burnout, including loss of motivation, exhaustion, and lowered creativity and focus. Sales performance is therefore not only determined by how well you can sell your product, but also how resourceful you are at dealing with challenges and adversity.

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How can AI turn Social Media into a Smart Fundraising tool for Nonprofits?

“Using our proprietary Storytelling AI dashboard, Hopeful empowers nonprofit Executive Directors, Fundraisers, and Marketing teams to connect with younger donors, who are more inspired to give by what they see on social media rather than traditional marketing tactics (i.e. email, events, and direct mail).”

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About Signol

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioral economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions. Signol provides personalized feedback through multiple communication channels, as well as data analysis for managers. In aviation, Signol aims to use behavioral "nudges" and incentives to reduce pollution and fuel waste and cut operating costs.

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