Four Links to Make You Think October 25th - 29th

Vanessa Munteanu
Do carbon offsets offset carbon, are natural ecosystems enough to deal with our ever-increasing human-caused CO2 emissions, how do friends influence our taste buds and how do new technologies continuously shape the way we work?

Do carbon offsets offset carbon?

‘Carbon offsets have become a popular tool in global efforts to mitigate climate change.’ As COP26 is approaching, and the conference is meant to go carbon neutral (including by offsetting carbon), four researchers challenge the effectiveness of this practice independently from the event itself. And their paper suggests that carbon offsets are counterproductive, and in fact sometimes can increase CO2.

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Forests aren’t an infinitely absorbent mop to absorb CO2 

‘Viewing natural ecosystems as “climate solutions” gives the misleading impression that forests can function like an infinitely absorbent mop to clean up the ever-increasing flood of human-caused CO₂ emissions.’

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How our friends affect our food

‘Food is central to identity, and friendship. It bridges differences with others and forges new, deeper connections, which is one of the reasons the pandemic has been so hard.’ This article looks at the way buddies affect… our taste buds.

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Autumn Digit Debates

A new autumn digital event series by Digital Futures at Work Research Centre was announced. ‘The talks are an essential resource for anyone who wants to understand how new technologies will impact employers, employees, job seekers and governments.’ 

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