Behavioral Science

Four Links to Make You Think September 20th - 24th

Vanessa Munteanu
How to overcome the ‘curse of expertise’, why do we form bad habits quicker than the better ones, how copying can help personal and societal development and why we tend to snooze saving for retirement?

Do behavioral nudges work on organizations?

‘Behavioral economics has shown that nudges can be used to help individuals act in their best interests. But can you apply similar tools to change organizational behavior? Researchers collaborated with Ontario’s Ministry of Finance to nudge organizations that failed to file an annual payroll tax return.’ Here’s a spoiler – it’s worked out well.

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Worker's well-being matters

‘A worker’s well-being is pivotal in increasing business productivity’, says economist De Neve. Whilst we know a happier workforce performs better, how do we know when the organization’s efforts to enhance productivity are really aligned with nurturing employees’ well-being? LinkedIn seems to be getting it right!

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Effective thank-yous

Although saying thank you should come as easy as saying hello, some people might find themselves ruminating over how to best deliver this simple message. ‘This new research compares the benefits of expressing gratitude by text, by video, and face-to-face’ How would you like to be thanked?

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Are you (really) committed to doing good?

‘Purpose in Practice is the result of 25 in-depth interviews, exhaustive desk research and numerous coffee-fuelled conversations.’ It’s meant to be ‘a snapshot of the state of purpose-driven business in the UK today. The Claremont team hopes it will contribute positively to the business purpose conversation.’ And perhaps an attempt to make it easier to commit rather than… purpose wash it?

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About Signol

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioral economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions. Signol provides personalized feedback through multiple communication channels, as well as data analysis for managers. In aviation, Signol aims to use behavioral "nudges" and incentives to reduce pollution and fuel waste and cut operating costs.

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