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Highways England collaboration with The Behaviouralist

Signol is working our sister company, The Behaviouralists to explore changing driver behaviors

Signol is looking forward to collaborating with The Behaviouralist on how to study the processes and behaviors of drivers to determine what key moments and practices we can nudge to be better. We will conduct research through their team of world class researchers and then determine how to influence behaviors within our app or by analog application.

"IDLE is a people-focused technology solution combining behavioural science and data optimisation. It delivers improvements in air quality, business profits, driver productivity, and driver well-being.."

-From Highways England

About Signol

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioral economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions. Signol provides personalized feedback through multiple communication channels, as well as data analysis for managers. In aviation, Signol aims to use behavioral "nudges" and incentives to reduce pollution and fuel waste and cut operating costs.

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