CHanging outcomes, one decision at a time

“It’s like a Fitbit for work.”

Behavior Change

Nudging employees to improve their individual efficiency by up to 30%

Customizable System

Whitelabel product with a customizable interface, incentives, 
and behaviors

Proven Results

Financial savings, environmental impact, and employee job satisfaction

Increase Engagement

Empowering employees to take charge of their own performance

Gather Smarter Data

Discover how employee interactions and engagement affect performance and team alignment


Pinpoint behavioral trends in teams and open up positive channels of communication

Get human results from behavioral interpretation software

When operators are in charge of their own performance and making better decisions, great things can happen.

Easily integrated

We can work directly with you or your
software providers.

Designed  for union regulations

Protecting union workers is of utmost importance to our platform.

Get ahead of the fuel market

Capture real-time employee feedback that determines strategic trajectory.

For Captains

For Managers

Join us.
We're looking for partners who want to pull ahead using data driven decisions.

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We open up positive channels of communication that work with real data but don’t cause friction.

On incentives

First Officer

“ I like seeing the savings and the donations…and how much fuel I’ve actually saved.”  

On nudges

First Officer

“ We use statistical fuel, and people…don’t like being told what to do, they don’t want people to beat them up, so nudging people is the only answer."

On learning


“ As a company, we look at all the data, as a pilot, you don’t see much of it. You’re very independent to make your own decision based on fuel and performance. ”

On messaging

Fuel Manager

“ If you want to promote a positive behavior, you need to promote positive messages.”  

On the process

Fuel Engineer

“ I’m most curious learning how I missed a target, and I like the style; it is a soft message, a suggestion. It’s what I’ve already done well.”

We're in good company