What if every captain made 13% more efficient decisions?

Our software system uses behavioral science and data analytics to give captains personalized and timely feedback. This improves productivity, delivers significant fuel cost savings, creates happier captains and staff, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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"You have to use positive messages to get positive results" - Fuel Engineer

Signol is a low cost alternative to expensive software and training programs

Signol is a new, behaviorally driven, scalable software which uses smarter employee feedback to cut fuel waste and greenhouse gas emissions while improving job satisfaction.

Signol builds upon the results of our world-class behavioral science study, in which we saved Virgin Atlantic Airways $6.1 million in eight months and achieved the lowest ever abatement cost for carbon.

Create happier captains and staff
Improve productivity
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Deliver significant fuel cost savings

For Employees & Managers

Signol is a two-part solution which works for pilots and for managers. Pilots can track their fuel efficiency through specially designed data and insights. Each performance report includes personalized targets to improve future behavior.

Managers can investigate company-wide behavioral trends and improve management processes based on our evidence. The management platform is optimized to capture employee feedback and track potential weak spots.

Signol is applicable to many areas of aviation, including reduced-engine taxi, using ground power when possible, and continuous ascent and descent.

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Beyond Fuel

Carbon reduction

Unregulated CO2 pollution from aviation is the fastest-growing source of the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. In fact, if the entire aviation sector were a country, it would be one of the top 10 carbon-polluting nations on the planet.

This problem will only worsen as demand for air travel rises. In 2010, the aviation industry carried 2.4 billion passengers; in 2050, that number is expected to rise to 16 billion. Without action, emissions from increased air travel will continue to damage our planet.

Employee Wellness

Commercial airline pilots are responsible for the safe carriage of thousands of people each day, and they need to be physically and mentally fit to perform the job. The mental health of aviation workers is a major concern for airlines, regulators, and passengers, and Signol has demonstrated the ability to improve job satisfaction by up to 15%.