Four Links to Make You Think November 22nd - 26th

Vanessa Munteanu
Some climate actions are better to pursue than others, how to make ideas successful with John List, what does it take to make your time… worthwhile, and how can companies turn big climate pledges into real action?

Effective climate actions. And a directory to connect around them!

‘There are thousands of things you can do to help reverse global warming. They all help and are worth doing. But we also have limited time (both as individuals in our daily lives, and as a society to transform this destructive system before it’s too late). And not all climate actions are equal in terms of their impact.’ says Ryan Hagen, a climate action hero. Check out the graph in the link below, but make sure to browse through his entire ‘Crowdsourcing Sustainability’ project. 

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The Power of Scalability: Making Great Ideas Successful

We just don’t want you to miss any John List events. ‘On December 1, John A. List, professor at the University of Chicago and author of "The Voltage Effect," and Gerhard Fehr, CEO at FehrAdvice will discuss what it takes for companies to use experimentability and strategies to make innovation successful.’


Our time is worth more money - Q&A with Ashley Whillans

This interview is shining a light on the scarcity of time, and how little adjustments can help with that.

‘We’re constantly dealing with our time being on the clock, because the opportunity costs of our time are really high. Which means that people might not be willing to just socialize for no reason. Everything here has an instrumental purpose, which can make people more impatient or more focused on where they’re going to eat and what that’s going to look like, than just sitting down and enjoying the meal with a friend.’ 

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Your Business Needs a Bigger Sustainability Strategy

‘Becoming sustainable isn’t a single act or even a single initiative. For many companies, it will require a total transformation in how they think and a significant upheaval in how they operate. Interviews with sustainability leaders at companies around the world suggest their efforts will apply to entire business models, and hinge on buy-in from employees at every level.’

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About Signol

Signol is a software platform that draws on insights from behavioral economics to encourage employees to make more efficient decisions. Signol provides personalized feedback through multiple communication channels, as well as data analysis for managers. In aviation, Signol aims to use behavioral "nudges" and incentives to reduce pollution and fuel waste and cut operating costs.

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